Dr. Cornelia Brown

Interim Superintendent of Schools

377-2296 x2001

Coleen Souza

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

377-2296 x2000

Laurie Lemieux

Special Education Director / Affirmative Action Officer

377-2241 x5012

Amanda Boyce

Accounts Payable Specialist

377-2296 x2004

Ida Simmons

HR/Payroll Specialist

377-2296 x2003

David West

Manager of Northeast Charter Transportation

377-2296 x5410

Teresa Maxcy

School Nutrition Director

377-2296 x2002

Technology Team - K-12

Members: Richard Cormier, Margaret Mountcastle, Brett Stokinger, Rosie Deltejo-Williamson

377-2228 x3204