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Section I - Instruction

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IGA Curriculum Adoption 
IHBA Individualized Education Programs 
IHBAA Referral/Pre-referral of Students with Disabilities 
IHBAA-R Referral/Pre-Referral Administrative Procedure 
IHBAC Child Find 
IHBAL Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities 
IHBCG Services for Parentally Placed Private Schools 
IHBEA-LAU Programs for Students with Limited English Proficiency 
IHBEA-R English Language Learners' Plan 
IHBG Home Schooling 
IHBGA Home Schooling Participation in School Programs 
IHC Class Ranking 
IHCDA Post-Secondary Enrollment Options 
IJJ Instruction and Library-Media Materials Selection  
IJJ-E Challenge of Instructional Materials Form 
IJNDB Internet Safety Policy for Winthrop Public Schools 
IJNDB-R Student Computer and Internet Use Rules 
IJOA Field Trips and Other Student Travel 
IJOC School Volunteers 
IJOC-R1 School Volunteer Agreement Form 
IJOC-R2 School Volunteer Application Form 
IK Student Achievement/Evaluation of Student Achievement  
IK Student Achievement/Evaluation of Student Achievement 
IKA Grading System 
IKAB Report Cards/Progress Reports 
IKC Transcripts 
IKE Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students 
IKEBA Early Admission to Post-Secondary School 
IKF Graduation Requirements 
ILA Tests/Assessment 
ILD Educational Research: Student Submission To Surveys, Analyses Or Evaluations  
IMBB Exemption from Required Instruction 
IMG Animals in School 
IMGA Service Animals in School 
Showing 34 items